Call for Entries|NCW2023 International Public Service Poster Exhibition on Nuclear Wastewater

     One Earth, one ocean, one destiny for mankind. When nuclear sewage is randomly discharged into the sea, radioactive substances mercilessly penetrate our water sources and ecosystems. What will become of the future? How will we survive?

        It is at this critical moment that we organize the International Public Service Poster Exhibition on Nuclear Sewage to call on all of humanity to take action, arouse awareness, and jointly pursue a solution to this global problem through the power of art, design, and information dissemination.

      Every poster is a voice, and every viewer is part of the change. We cannot remain silent in the face of the random discharge of nuclear effluent, for this is our responsibility. Protecting our homes and guarding our lives is our never-ending faith.

    Through the popularization of nuclear sewage, this exhibition hopes that through the poster publicity, in this era of rapid development of the Internet can quickly enhance people’s awareness of nuclear sewage, popularization of nuclear sewage on nature and human hazards.

     Promote the concept of ecologically sustainable development. In order to realize ecologically sustainable development, even in the event of serious or irreversible environmental threats, the lack of solid scientific evidence should not be used as a reason to postpone measures to prevent environmental degradation. We should maintain the health, diversity and productivity of the environment for the benefit of future generations. This will provide additional impetus for the successful implementation of ecologically sustainable development.

Call for Subjects
Nuclear contaminated wastewater
A water environment contaminated by radioactive substances, such as water with a high concentration of radioactive substances in the environment caused by nuclear leaks, nuclear accidents, and nuclear explosions. Due to nuclear accidents and other situations caused by pollution discharged into the water, its high content of pollutants, the ecological environment and human health caused by the serious impact.
Through visual design to publicize the knowledge of the hazards of nuclear contaminated water, to strengthen public understanding and concern about nuclear contaminated water, to promote the concept of sustainable development, and to promote development.


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