The First Dehua World Ceramic Design Conference Successfully Held

        Supported by CEIDA and World Design Organization, China Ceramic Industry Association and Dehua County People’s Government hosted the First Dehua World Ceramic Design Conference and the Award Ceremony of the Seventh “He Chaozong Cup” Ceramic Industrial Design Competition on September 19th, 2023 in Dehua, Fujian Province, which provides an important platform for promoting the Dehua ceramic industry to connect with the international world. “Dehua, Fujian, held to promote Dehua ceramic industry and international depth of connection provides an important platform.

        The General Assembly called on the World Design Organization, China Europe International Design and Culture Association, China National Ceramic Industry Industrial Design Institute, Taiwan Design Research Institute, Hong Kong Industrial Designers Association, Taipei City Industrial Design Development Association and other institutions to build the World Ceramic Design and Manufacturing Industry Alliance, aims to actively promote global design science and technology and Dehua ceramic industry close cooperation, to promote the integration of culture and technology of the key results of the landing for the Dehua and even China’s ceramic industry innovation and development of empowerment, empowerment of wisdom, empowerment.

World Ceramic Design and Manufacturing Industry Alliance was established
        The conference to “design without boundaries to create the future” as the theme, linking the world’s ceramics advantageous production areas, the establishment of China Taiwan, Jingdezhen, as well as Italy’s three major venues. Italy branch by CEIDA planning, co-organizer, CEIDA executive director of the University of Reutlingen, Professor Leah presided over, CEIDA executive director of the University of Middlesex, Professor Phil, the European Institute of Design, Professor William, the University of Girona, Professor Providencia, Italy’s famous industrial designers, Shimona, as the international experts to speak and discuss. Design gurus, business representatives, industrial art masters gathered around the cutting-edge development trend of the ceramic industry to carry out connected exchanges, share experience, discuss cooperation, for the flourishing development of the global ceramic industry, all-round links to the world’s design resources, so that the design innovation empowers the high-quality development of urban industry.

     The conference invited the father of China’s industrial design, Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts senior professor Liu Guanzhong, to bring the latest design experience sharing, design logic cognition and innovative way of thinking, activate and guide the thinking of the local enterprises in Dehua update. In addition, Xiaomi co-founder Liu De, E. Sertac Ersayin, permanent director of the World Design Organization, Tang Chongxi, executive director of the Institute of Industrial Design Strategy and Prototype Innovation at the Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, Fan Ruixin, deputy secretary-general of the China Ceramic Industry Association, and Lee Sheng-en, chairman of the Taipei Industrial Design Development Association, and other international design industry and academia gathers in Dehua, and Dehua ceramics industry, to talk about the future! New possibilities.

       CEIDA China Secretary General Liang Zhe on behalf of the Association to attend this conference, and together for the establishment of the World Ceramic Design and Manufacturing Industry Alliance to press the start button.


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