The 5th Golden Camellia International Cultural and Creative Design Competition of Kunming, China, 2022

China Europe Designers Association is the only overseas cooperation unit of the 5th Golden Camellia International Cultural and Creative Design Competition of Kunming, China, 2022 .
Ⅰ、 Competition name
The 5th Golden Camellia International Cultural and Creative Design Competition of Kunming, China 2022
Ⅱ.Competition time schedule

1. Competition commences: April 27, 2022
2. Call for entries: April 27 to October 6, 2022
3. Preliminary review: October 7, 2022 – October 13, 2022
4. Announcement of finalists: October 15, 2022
5. Physical collection of works and products: October 15, 2022 – October 31, 2022
6. Exhibition: October 31-December 31, 2022
7. Online Selection: November 3 to November 4, 2022
8. Finals: November 5, 2022
9. Award Ceremony: Mid-to-Late November 2022 (tentative) 

Ⅲ、 Competition theme
 Creativity changes life, integrates and creates value
Ⅳ、Theme scope
The 5th Golden Camellia International Cultural and Creative Design Competition of Kunming includes seven categories: COP15 cultural and creative product design, Kunming Urban Cultural IP product design, arts and crafts design, packaging and printing design, digital product design, industrial product design and living aesthetic space design.
Theme I:COP15 cultural and creative product design 
COP15 closely focuses on the core of ecological civilization construction and biodiversity protection. It also focuses on the vision and objectives of “harmonious coexistence between man and nature” and “building a common future for all life.” It promotes creative design, develop and manufacture all kinds of beautiful, innovative and imaginative cultural and creative products that are in line with green transformation, green low[1]carbon circular development and life. There are no limits on designs and materials used.
Theme 2: Kunming Urban Culture IP Product Design 
Besides upholding inheritance and innovation, this category focuses on the historical, cultural and ecological resources of Kunming. It hopes to see a comprehensive display of the regional characteristics and urban image of Kunming. The multi-dimension, multi-field and multi-creative design is a market-oriented, cultural, scientific and practical IP product with vivid shape, harmonious color, positive and healthy, suitable for extension and production, and convenient for shape optimization and expansion. The creative design can refer to the historical, cultural and ecological resources such as southwest United University, army lecture hall, Guandu ancient town, Jinma temple, King Kong Tower, Xishan Longmen, Daguanlou, Flying Tiger hump route, Zheng He, Nie Er and Dianchi Lake.
Theme 3:Living Aesthetic Space Design 
This category focuses on the characteristics of national cultural resources and the ecological and cultural landscape of Dianchi Lake, highlight the integrated development of planning and design, new urbanization and rural revitalization, deeply tap the cultural connotation, and show the beauty of culture, life and city. Including but not limited to cultural and creative space, Museum exhibition space, humanities and art space, intangible cultural heritage Sinology space, fashion reading space, characteristic food space, music audio-visual space, home beauty decoration space, fashion entertainment space, coffee and tea art space, health preservation space, leisure and vacation space, rural and pastoral beauty space, etc. We can focus on the natural scenery along Dianchi Lake, such as the venue for COP15 conference, Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center, Baofeng Wetland, Xinghai Wetland, Wangguan Wetland, Baoxiang River, Xinghai Wetland and so on. It is a design effect scheme or real work completed or completed before September 2021-2022.
Theme 4: digital product design
Relying on 5G, AI, big data, high-definition video and Internet of things, in the form of digital multimedia, focusing on the relevant contents of national unity and harmonious coexistence between man and nature, highlighting functionality, practicability and marketability. Including but not limited to: animation design, game design, AR / VR / MR application design, interaction design, interface design, immersive experience design, short video (30 seconds), H5 and other digital creative products showing the integration of culture and technology.
Theme 5: Arts and crafts design 
These designs portray the national culture and traditional techniques, such as paper cutting, embroidery, tie dyeing, color painting, silk cutting, woodblock New Year pictures, clay sculptures, dough sculptures, brocade, shadow puppets, puppets, wood carvings, bamboo weaving, kites, leather carvings, ceramics, metals, inkstones, seal cutting, jade carving, carving, gilding, baked porcelain, papermaking, calligraphy and painting. They could be applied to redesign and recreate, highlighting various innovative commodities of regional, fashion, practicability and marketability.
Theme 6: industrial product design 
These designs focus on carbon neutralization, carbon compliance, green sustainability, artificial intelligence and other fields, and emphasize product innovation and systematism. They advocate the integration and docking of design and industry and strengthen independent intellectual property rights. The categories of entries include but are not limited to cultural and creative products, household goods, toys, office supplies, product packaging, entertainment facilities, medical devices, epidemic prevention and protection, disaster prevention and rescue, outdoor public facilities, sports equipment design and other product series.
Theme 7. Packaging and printing design 
Taking plateau characteristic products and printing products as the directional design goal, the design is required to be combined with specific products and enterprise needs. Highlight brand value and regional cultural characteristics, with innovation, characteristics, practicability, craftsmanship and mass production. In particular, entries with scientific and technological content are encouraged. Renderings, expansion drawings, decoration, material processing technology and structural application instructions must be submitted.
Ⅴ、 Entry requirements
    (1) Participants
1.The competition is widely solicited all over the world. All enterprises and institutions, professional institutions, teachers and students of colleges and universities, design companies, designers, inventors, patent holders, process artists and craftsmen engaged in R & D, design, production and sales can participate.
2.The competition adopts the methods of “independent registration”, “industry recommendation” and “free participation”. Enterprises, individuals, or teams can be selected as the participating units. The number of participants in each team shall not exceed 3.
    (2) Entry requirements
1.The entries must be original, adhere to the guidance of design innovation, focus on increasing varieties, improving quality, and creating brands, reflect the achievements of cultural and creative products and scientific and technological innovation, and highlight the application of new technologies and materials.
2.The entries must deeply explore the ideological connotation of regional culture, reflect the cultural elements and the stories behind the culture, and create on the basis of integrating the spirit of regional culture and the characteristics of specific local culture and industry. The competition category can be selected independently from the seven themes/categories.
3.Entries shall not be counterfeited or infringed upon the intellectual property rights of others. Based on the principle of intellectual property protection, the copy of the work shall be provided after the publication of the intellectual property protection certificate.
4.Entries must be creative and novel, and serial products are encouraged to participate. The products must comply with relevant quality and safety standards, have mature technology and can be mass produced. The finished products are easy to carry, suitable for trading, collection and gift-giving, and the market pricing is in line with the public consumption ability.
5.The competition language is simplified Chinese. Foreign entries can be in Chinese or English. The unit of measurement of works is metric. In addition to the design description and illustration notes, there shall be no contestant’s name, unit and any other irrelevant marks on the plate, otherwise the qualification of the competition will be cancelled. Please submit the specific contents according to the relevant tips and requirements of the registration system.

Ⅵ、 Participation mode
1.Please fill in the attached registration form and send it by email with the electronic version of the design to
2.You only need to submit the electronic version of the design in the preliminary stage. Please pay attention to the size and materials of your submitted works. (Up to 5 pictures for a single work and up to 8 pictures for a series of works, including 1 overall perspective and other specific perspectives with reference materials. Format: A3, minimum 300dpi.)
3.15% of the submitted design will enter the final evaluation. At this stage, you need to submit two physical works. Individual samples will be rejected. The time of submitting physical works will be notified separately.
4.Please find download link of registration form:

Ⅶ、 Award setting (total amount:approximately EUR44.000.00)
Gold, silver and bronze awards are set in this competition, Best Innovation Award, Most Commercial Value Award, Excellent Copyright Award, Excellent Organization award and Excellent Mentor Award. The total amount is approximately EUR44.000.00 yuan.
(1) 4 Golden Camellia gold awards, with the amount of approximately EUR 4.000, and award certificates and trophies;
(2) 6 Golden Camellia silver awards, with amount of approximately EUR 1.300, and award certificates and medals;
(3) 12 Golden Camellia bronze awards, with amount of approximately EUR 600, and award certificates and medals;
(4)10 Best Innovation Awards, with amount of approximately EUR 260, and award certificates and medals;
(5)10 of the Most Commercial Value awards, with the amount of approximately EUR 260, and award certificates and medals;
(6) 10 Excellent Tutors, with the amount of approximately EUR 260, will be awarded the award certificate;
(7) 10 Excellent Copyright awards, with the amount of approximately EUR 130, and award certificates;
(8) 300 Excellent Works awards with award certificates;
(9) 50 Excellent Organization awards with certificates and plaques.
Ⅷ、Selection Criteria
    (1) Selection criteria of the Golden Camellia International Cultural and Creative Design Competition
1.Regional 15%: outstanding regional characteristics, fully reflecting national and cultural characteristics, Resource characteristics, and uniqueness.
2.Practicability 15%: reasonable design, beautiful, safe, green and environmentally friendly. It has application related to culture and life and highlights practical value.
3.Commercial 15%: it must have been or is being mass produced, with reasonable price positioning and high market awareness. (For non-enterprise products, this item is combined into innovation item for scoring)
4.Internationality 15%: pay attention to the combination of tradition and modernity, culture, science and technology, regionality and practicality. The characteristics of the destination are prominent, which is in line with the international consumption orientation and popular trend.
5.20% Innovation: the design creativity is novel and unique, and the skills or varieties are original. Strong fashion and easy to be accepted by consumers. The traditional technology promotes the old and brings forth the new, the high and new technology is applied, and has independent intellectual property rights.
6.Workmanship 10%: excellent workmanship, exquisite production, reasonable use of materials, and mass production. Comply with relevant domestic and foreign technical quality standards and safety standards (the certificate shall prevail if the standard is recognized).
7.Brand 10%: it has its own trademark, stable quality, good market reputation and certain brand popularity. (For non-enterprise products, this item is combined into innovation item for scoring)
    (2) Selection criteria of Excellent Mentor Award
According to the proposition scope of the competition, actively guide and help students to complete their works. The total number of guided students’ works is more than 30, and at least 3 works are shortlisted and awarded.
    (3) Selection criteria of Excellent Copyright Award
It must be a finalist. More than 5 original copyright registered works have been declared in the current competition period. The declared copyright must have significant social and economic benefits, high professional level and literary, artistic, and scientific value, and there is no ownership dispute.
1.Award outstanding works to the shortlisted works. Those who do not submit physical works or models will not be issued certificates.
2.All finalists must provide one physical object or model to the place designated by the competition organizing committee. The specific arrangement will be notified separately.
3.The final contest will be conducted in the way of judging the creativity of physical works, technological level, market transformation value and innovation ability.
4.All shortlisted and awarded works are eligible to participate in Creative Kunming series theme activities, exhibition activities of Yunnan Cultural Industry Expo and domestic and foreign tour exhibitions organized by the competition organizing committee. All finalists are eligible to participate in the award ceremony.
5.The Organizing Committee of the competition will strive to organize resources from all parties to promote the docking of the competition works with enterprises and realize the industrial transformation of design achievements. If the design works submitted in this competition are adopted by the enterprise, the enterprise will pay a certain design fee to the designer or use other cooperative methods to apply the design results.
6.The designer of the shortlisted works will have the opportunity to participate in the training course for creative talents, pass the appraisal, issue the training certificate of the authority, and have the opportunity to get the guidance of one-to-one famous teachers.
Ⅸ、 Intellectual property
1.Where the intellectual property right of the submitted design belongs to the designer, the copyright, trademark, or patent of the submitted design shall be registered. The organizing committee will entrust relevant copyright protection stations certified by authoritative institutions to provide assistance and compensation for the designer’s intellectual property registration.
2.The design submitted shall be original. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to revoke the awards for works with intellectual property disputes or defects. The legal liability arising from intellectual property disputes or defects shall be borne by the designer.
3.The organizing committee has the right to promote, publicize and copy books designed and published for non-commercial purposes, and give priority to collecting, commercializing, trading and purchasing the intellectual property rights of award-winning works.
1.The architectural and spatial designs submitted shall be designed or constructed between January 2021 and October 2022.
2.Digital products must be complete works, and product documents and plans shall be submitted. The format and content of product documents shall comply with the broadcast, interaction and download of smart terminals, mobile phones, televisions, and other media. The plans shall include product descriptions, pictures, and demo videos. Product documents and planning documents can be uniformly compressed into “zip” or “rar” format, and the size of a single file shall not exceed 10m. If the work exceeds the required size, a cloud disk link can be provided.
3.The organizing committee will not bear any responsibility if the contestants are wrongly publicized in publicity, printing, exhibition, and other events due to the error of their submitted information.
4.In case of any dispute over rights and interests between contestants, winners or other third parties due to participation in this competition, the organizer shall not bear all responsibilities.
5.The organizing committee will not be responsible for the non-human intentional damage caused by the potential dangers such as fragile, easily scratched, and complex structure of the physical works.
6.The outer packaging of all physical works is not within the safe custody of the organizing committee. The organizing committee will not be responsible for the damage and loss of the outer package.
7.The organizing committee will not assume any responsibility for the safe custody of the physical works that the contestants do not attach the “sending information” when mailing the works. The organizing committee will not be responsible for any loss or damage in the process of sending and returning physical works.
8.If the certificate information is incorrect due to the wrong information submitted by the contestants, the organizing committee will not be responsible for re generation and will not bear any responsibility.
9.The organizing committee will review, exhibit, move and keep the physical works according to the instructions for entry. The organizing committee will not be responsible for the loss or damage of the physical works.
10.If the works are lost or damaged due to force majeure such as natural disasters, war or national policies, the organizing committee shall not be liable for compensation.
11.The contestants who pass the preliminary competition and enter the semi-finals shall submit one physical work or model, and they are not allowed to participate in the competition alone. The production, mailing and other expenses of the entries shall be borne by the participants themselves. The organizer will not bear any responsibility for the impact of mailing delay, error, damage and loss on the way. The specific submission time and place shall be notified by the organizing committee. Those who do not submit physical works will not be issued with award certificates, and physical works will not be returned.
ⅩⅠ、Contact information
Facebook account: Martin LIU
Facebook public homepage: China Kunming Golden Camellia


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