Co-organized by CEIDA – TopS+2022 3rd China-Korea International Design Week Call for Entries

     The year 2022 will mark the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea, as well as the “Year of Cultural Exchange between China and South Korea”. Culture is the spiritual lifeblood of a nation, and design is the art of the times. China and South Korea have a long history of cultural exchanges, and both countries belong to the “Confucian Cultural Circle”, so they have a lot of common ground in culture. TopS+ China-Korea International Design Week has always taken the responsibility of actively promoting and facilitating the exchange of design and culture between China and Korea, and is based on in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the integration of industries. At present, the design week consists of five main parts: design competition, learning community, joint exhibition, academic forum, and industrial docking. In order to better promote the exchange enthusiasm of the youth of China and South Korea and build a platform for design exchange, it is far-reaching for us to organize the TopS+2022 3rd China-Korea International Design Week at the Korean National Assembly.
        The purpose of the Design Week is to use design as a medium to promote exchanges of design and documentation between Asia and the rest of the world. Hand in hand with each other, based on the new era, exchanging innovative experiences, responding to new needs, and aiming to promote the integration, internationalization, and localization of academics and industries, and to jointly construct an Asian design and cultural community. Let TopS+ China-Korea International Design Week become a bridge between China and Korea and even the global design culture, and show the confidence of design culture of the world.


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