Chinese Folk Art in Antwerp at Martin van Blerk Gallery

A long-awaited art exhibition kicked off in Antwerp, the art and fashion capital of Belgium!
In order to respond to the request of our members in China and to increase the recognition of Chinese non-heritage artists, Chinese non-heritage culture and the works of emerging contemporary artists in Europe, CEIDA and iWe are jointly organizing an exhibition of Chinese non-heritage artworks at the Martin van Blerk Gallery in Antwerp, the second largest city in Belgium. The opening reception was successfully held recently.

This exhibition presents the unique and charming art forms of China’s non-heritage handicrafts, including stone carving micro-carving, tie-dye, batik, woodblock prints, paper carving and other art forms. Lou Changwei, a micro-carver from Shengzhou, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, displayed micro-carvings of bronze, jade, alabaster and other utensils, through which the viewer seemed to be able to feel the precipitation of history and the weight of culture. In addition, tie-dye artist Zhao Chen, embroidery artist Wang Yanfen, woodblock print artist Jia Fang, calligrapher Lu Wanping, Chang’an clay sculpture inheritor Hu Zhenbo and other artists also presented their works. Their works brought the audience a visual feast full of cultural connotations, showing the diversified charms of traditional Chinese culture.

In this exhibition, these outstanding artists use their works to show the world the unique charm and profound heritage of traditional Chinese culture. Whether it is the delicacy of micro-carving, the richness and colorfulness of tie-dye, the delicacy of embroidery, the chiaroscuro of calligraphy, or the vividness of clay sculpture, each piece of artwork carries the artists’ heart and soul and their love for traditional culture. During the exhibition, Chinese and foreign friends enjoyed the essence of Chinese non-legacy art and felt the profoundness of Chinese culture!


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