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We hope that more designers, artists and related creatives could join CEIDA, an international professional platform, and make their own contributions to the exchange of world art, design and culture.

How to join us?

CEIDA has two annual membership recruitment periods, from 1 June to 30 June and from 1 December to 31 December. Please send your CV (in English), portfolio (10 works and above) and profile photo to

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Facebook: CEIDAEU.
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Member of the structure

The table below shows CEIDA membership categories, fees and the eligibility criteria for each categor
Individual Directorship120 euros/year1. Obtain the certificate granted by the association to enhance the image of the enterprise or individual and increase the social trust of the enterprise or individual.
2. Provide or recommend outstanding graduates to group directors first.
3. Organize activities, exhibitions, competitions, exchanges and other matters related to the projects involved in the association in the name of the association, and prioritize the deployment and use of association resources for all-round support.
4. Priority is given to being invited to participate in various academic exchanges, exhibitions, and technical seminars organized by CEIDA.
5. Group directors and individual directors can display their works or related design art activities on the CEIDA website of China Europe International Design Association.
6. In the relevant publicity materials launched by the association’s annual meeting, personalize the promotion of the association’s directors, and provide related stationery for the meeting.
7. Priority to be invited to participate in various domestic and overseas exchanges, inspections and training activities organized by the association.
8. Priority is given to the association’s authoritative and feasible policy consultation support.
9. Priority will be given to the association’s seminar support for the excellent works or columns of the governing unit, as well as the feasibility demonstration support for the governing unit to prepare to shoot and launch the program (column).
10. Participate in the discussion of various resolutions and documents of the council.
11. Give priority to other opportunities for cooperation with the council.
12. Priority will be given to the association’s recommendation and introduction to group directors or individual directors on domestic and foreign platforms.
Individual Membership40 euros/year

1. Priority and preferential participation in competitions and exhibitions organized by the association at home and abroad, and directly enter the exhibition or the selection link.

2. Participate in exhibitions, lectures, salons, forums and other activities organized by the association.
3. Recommendations by managers, research and evaluation by the association’s jury, and personal work promotion information can be posted on the association’s website.
4. Priority is given to recommending individual members for employment to outstanding companies in the industry.
5. All members can donate to the association’s policy plans, best practice activities, and exhibitions, and have the opportunity to serve as design jurors and get close contact with domestic and foreign design masters.
6. Encourage members to participate in the association’s plans, and suggest hosting projects and activities.
7. Encourage member organizations to establish contacts with other domestic and foreign members, and establish a global membership network. Act as a hub and encourage the exchange of plans, projects and activities related to design.
8. After being nominated by the Association and reviewed by the Association’s Academic Jury, members can obtain personal achievement awards in the professional field and award certificates or medals.
9. Provide members with employment information, employment opportunities and internship opportunities in the design and art industries in China and Europe.
10. Members can enjoy special services and preferential prices for activities organized by the association.

700 euros/year1. Obtain the certificate granted by the association to enhance the corporate image and increase corporate social trust.
2. Participating in domestic and foreign exhibitions, seminars, forums, and industry working conferences organized by the association can enjoy preferential treatment.
3. As recommended by the association and reviewed by the academic jury, the corporate image will be displayed and publicized on the portal website of the China Europe International Design Culture Association for free.
4. Provide or recommend outstanding graduates to enterprises first.
5. Prioritize participation in industry surveys and research on topics related to industry development, keep abreast of industry trends, and grasp the business direction; participate in discussions on important industry issues and related regulations and laws, and master policy guidance and solutions to major industry issues.
6. All members can donate to the association’s policy plans and best practice activities, including: holding a design competition, awarding competitions, and providing resources for holding exhibitions and conferences.
7. Nominated by the association and reviewed by the academic jury of the association, group members can receive various awards for the company’s professional achievements and award certificates or medals.
8. Advanced management and cooperation projects introduced by the association are recommended to members of the association first.
9. Obtain guidance and help from the Association in the areas of corporate development strategy and business management.
10. Have the priority to consult the association about national policies, laws, business management, projects and other matters.
11. Participate in study abroad and industry exchange activities, etc., members enjoy preferential treatment.
12. Obtain the priority of participating in various trainings such as industry talents organized by the association, as well as the priority of project training such as business management, marketing, and work skills.
13. Participate in the subject research, standard formulation, policy planning and other projects that the association is entrusted by the government to organize and implement.
14. Inform members in a timely manner to transmit industry information and development trends in the same industry at home and abroad, and provide information consulting services for member units.
15. Organize international, national and regional industry development conferences, and organize various experience exchange meetings and matchmaking meetings on a regular or irregular basis to exchange member units’ experience in operation, management, reform and development.
16. Provide legal consulting services for member units and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members.
17. Organize member units to carry out various exchange activities with related foreign design organizations, including organizing overseas inspections, personnel training, economic and trade negotiations, etc., to promote member units’ foreign cooperation and exchanges in academic research, design management, and trade exchanges.
18. Publish member dynamic information on the official website of the association for free.